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We offer a number of C-arm options - from full sized systems to compact and mini c-arms, all with a number of features. Your decision to buy a used C-arm should be based on what will bring the best value to your practice. While we offer a variety of systems, our first consideration is fitting a system to your needs and budget.

The older the system, the lower the price is going to be. Knowing your application is primary when making a choice that will meet your needs and expectations. The quality of the image you require for the specific procedures you intend to perform will determine what system will work best for you.

New systems and completely refurbished systems will be the at the upper end of the price scale, but you can save quite a bit by buying a used, working unit and putting it on a service contract with a capable service and repair technician. Having a service contract to keep your system running is about the most important part of C-arm ownership. We have a team of skilled technicians we draw from, with experience in the specific C-arms we sell. We work with experts that are at the top of the learning curve on the exact machine in question. Experience counts. 

Completely refurbished C-arms may be the best way to go. However, the definition of refurbished is not the same for every company, and a totally rebuilt system will often price it out of the market.

The three major components of a C-arm are the X-ray tube, the image intensifier, and the camera. When refurbishing a C-arm it is generally not practical to replace every component that could fail, as the end of life is different from one system to another. Replacing any one piece will add thousands to the price of the system. We do not replace what isn’t broken as long as the system functions properly and, most importantly, is one that we can keep running for you after the sale. We do repair and replace what is necessary to ensure the system is working at its optimum level, and we do cosmetic work to present a nice looking product.

When considering a C-arm purchase, it's important to understand at the outset that, over time, there will always be something that's going to fail, just like any other mechanical device. The only question is what, and how much is it going to cost to keep the machine working to your satisfaction. As with a car or a copy machine, service and maintenance are part and parcel of keeping the machine working. 

As manufacturers discontinue support of older systems, the issue of maintenance and repair of these systems becomes increasingly important. The availability of replacement parts is a major consideration, as parts may only be available from component parts manufacturers or the second hand market. This is why the support technician has to be familiar with the specific system inside and out in order to support it.  We offer support on all the systems we sell for up to 5 years from the date of purchase; we will provide or help source parts and technical support.