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Used Gurneys

There are so many questions you must face when making the decision to purchase used gurneys. There are some pieces of medical equipment that you will not want to take any risks with. A gurney however, is necessary piece of equipment for the transportation of patients to and from medical care facilities. The problem lies in the fact that the price for this particular piece of equipment, when purchased new, can be prohibitive at best.

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What Should You Look for in a Used Hospital Gurney?

There are two basic types of gurneys available on the market. There are those that are hydraulic, and there are also those that are manually operated. Among these two general types of gurney there are several variations from which you can choose according to your needs and your budget. It is important to remember that when budgets are tight, the fewer bells and whistles that are associated with your used gurneys the lower the prices are generally going to be.

If your budget is extremely tight and you do not feel you will be needing the services of the gurney for a lengthy period of time it may be worth considering rental of a used hospital gurney rather than simply purchasing one.

Do You Need a Hospital Gurney?

The primary purpose of this specific medical device is to aid in transportation. Whether it's moving from one room to another or one location to another -for which you will need other specialized equipment- doesn't really matter if a patient needs to be laying flat in order to be moved. Otherwise, you may be better served by other less expensive options such as wheelchairs. This is a sizable investment that is best suited for facilities that are designed to care for patients long-term or multiple patients.

The key thing in determining whether or not you need a gurney though is how much you plan to transport people. If transportation from one location to the next is going to be a rare occurrence then you may be best served to hold off on this particular purchase. If you need to be able to transport patients quickly at any given time though, you will need to invest in gurneys that can handle the task. Gurneys need to be easy to operate and simple to train your staff to use. Keep these things in mind when looking for used gurneys and you should make the right decision for your situation.