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Cardiology Equipment


EKG, short for electrocardiogram, is called both ECG and an EKG; they are the same thing. An EKG machine records the electrical impulses of the heart. This is a non-invasive procedure used to diagnose or rule out the presence of diseases, disorders, and other irregularities of the heart. It does not measure the heart’s ability to pump blood. EKG machines are used in general practice clinics, as well as hospitals and cardiology centers.

EKG machines consist of the machine itself and the patient cable, which is made up of a number of electrodes. The heart’s electrical impulses are picked up by the electrodes and are recorded in pairs. Each pair is known as a lead, and each lead views the heart from a different angle.

EKG machines are available in a variety of types, based on the number of channels they record and print. Single channel units record and print a single lead at a time and print a single strip. They have a 5-lead patient cable. Multiple channel EKG machines have a 12-lead patient cable, and are available with strip recorders that print 3 leads at a time in a strip, or page-writers, which print all lead data on a single page. Page writers are popular for screening and make file storage easy.

Many multiple channel systems also have interpretation or comparative analysis software. EKG systems that transmit data directly to your PC or laptop computer are also available.

Used/refurbished EKG machines are available in various types, depending on your particular requirements.

Stress test compatibility is another feature you may want to consider when choosing the best EKG system for your needs.

For our veterinary customers, we offer EKG machines specifically for use in animals, both in single lead and 3-lead systems. The 3-lead system has automatic parameter measurement, and a PC data option is also available.

We also offer a full line of new and used ultrasounds, with software and probes, designed specifically for echocardiography. Black and white, gray scale, and color Doppler options are available.